services and solutions

  • consulting

    TCC provides general consulting services including assistance with due diligence processes within merger and acquisition activities, mock DOT audits, training, finding vendor solutions, etc.  TCC can also do a complete review of your company's programs to determine if they are in line with the Safety Management Cycle (SMC), LEAN, Six Sigma, etc. The review includes a system(s) evaluation to determine how the systems work and relate to safety, compliance, and vendors by our experts. This type of review is a recommended starting point for all new clients.

    The right alignment of policies and procedures related to safety, compliance, and vendor relations is essential to any successful company.  Our consulting offerings allow you to take advantage of our extensive expertise and knowledge; thereby allowing yourself to position your operation, policies, and procedures to transition your company to be a leader in the industry.  In addition, your operations can rest assured that they can continue to operate without fear that the policies, procedures, and programs will tie their hands and not allow them to grow their business. 

    TCC can provide you with everything you need to maximize the benefit of outsourcing any aspect of your operation or keeping it in-house.

  • safety

    With the current clement regarding transportation safety it is essential and imperative for companies to evaluate their safety programs.   TCC can assist your company in this review and evaluation.  The goal for TCC is to position your company and safety program to move to the next level of safety and success by reducing your accident ratio, improving driver retention, and thereby reduce claims cost.

    In addition, TCC can provide standard safety training materials and/or customize training programs for your company administered by TCC or by your own in-house staff.   The creation and audit of safety programs with expert feedback and recommendations based on best practices rounds out this area of solution offerings.

  • compliance

    Since its establishment back in 2010, CSA has resulted in many companies and drivers leaving the industry.  This has resulted in a driver shortage, a capacity need, and increase in cost.  Compliance is playing a bigger role in transportation and its effect on carriers, drivers, brokers, and shippers is resulting in process changes, business model changes, expenditures, etc.

    In addition, many companies still have not trained essential personnel regarding CSA.  Big picture awareness is key for successful compliance. TCC has found that many companies have focused only on drivers and ignored other key team members that need to be trained.  Everyone from the CEO to the customer must understand what CSA is and means; how it impacts the way they do their jobs; and what it means to the industry as a whole.   TCC can assist you with assessing your employees’ knowledge and helping you close any training gaps with our proven programs.

    TCC can provide forms and programs designed to assist you in staying on track with safety goals and compliance with government regulations. Our forms are available in hard copy, soft copy (private electronic libraries) or through on-line public libraries. Customized forms are also available.

    Additionally, All training programs are designed to address all levels of the organization and can be administered by TCC or your own in-house staff. Our training programs are designed to provide on-going support for addressing any industry and regulatory changes impacting your operations.  Customized training is also available.

  • Vendor Relations

    From recruiting to remediation of claims, companies must adhere to all government standards, definitions, and regulations.  The use of independent contractors and third party companies is an area of growing focus.  It is critically important for any and all businesses using independent contractors and third party service providers as vendors to review their programs.

    The question of worker misclassification and the independent contractor status will continue to be a primary focus of the Internal Revenue Department (IRS), Department of Labor (DOL), Department of Labor Wages (DLW), and many other state and federal agencies.  Therefore, the on-going review of the independent contractor status, the treatment of independent contractors, and independent contractor programs by companies and their employee are necessary and important to the future state of the transportation industry and to any company utilizing independent contractors.

    In addition, the use of third party companies as service providers is also under the microscope.   The FHWA has increased the insurance requirement for brokers and is again contemplating increasing the limits.  In addition, litigation is pushing towards making carriers liable for the actions of those vendors. 

    TCC can assist your company revise current programs or create and establish service provider programs that can withstand the squinty.  TCC can assist and provide value added processes to a company’s existing program and/or can assist a company establish a solid and compliant independent contractor and/or broker vendor program.  TCC brings specific expertise and real world experience in this area. The program can be handled by TCC on your behalf or we can train your in-house staff in our proven methodologies.  With TCC’s industry experience TCC can ensure that you comply with ICR and broker regulations while at the same time complying with FWHA/CSA and other government safety regulations.